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It has been said of Saint Augustine that “he never had a thought he didn’t publish.”   Given how this website of mine has grown over the years, I fear that one day the same may be said of me (“Tony never had a thought he did not post on the Internet!”).  However, to this point such self-knowledge hasn’t stopped me from carrying on!  This part of my webspace is devoted to theoretical and theological essays.  They are my own thoughts and opinions, and I take full responsibility for them.  Blame me.     – Tony

List of Essays Currently Online

Death – Enemy, or Friend?
An unfinished essay that takes a hard look at death in God’s Creation
Incumbency and ‘Holy Orders’
In the Anglican Church, a careful balance has been struck between the Catholic understanding of the church, and that of the Reformation.  It is seen at the parish level in the three-fold unit of the “Incumbent” – who must be an ordained person; the “Incumbent’s Warden” – a lay person, chosen by the Incumbent; and the “People’s Warden” – chosen by the congregation.  Tinkering with this arrangement throws off that balance in an unexpected way.
Conquering the Holy Land
Beginning with the Biblical story of the conquest of ancient Canaan, this essay looks at the widespread belief that God assigned those conquered lands to the Jewish people in perpetuity.  Where should the international community have created a “homeland” for Jews, after the Nazi holocaust?
Arrogantly Determining God’s Will?
Exploring the paradox whereby Christians who strongly affirm the right of Indigenous persons to an apology, for the errors of the colonial era, slide into treating those same people as backward, or primitive, or at the very least unenlightened, for holding conservative views about gender and marriage.  This essay concludes with a reflection on how ethical change in Christianity ought to be approached.
Sacrificial Atonement
An essay in simple lay language about the meaning of Christ’s death and resurrection.  It addresses a question, put to me by a visitor to this website: “The New Testament speaks of a loving and merciful God, who demands the torture and death of his own Son as ‘payment’ for the sins of humanity.  But, what kind of a loving Father needs to exact this kind of revenge?”
Nice Service, Reverendl!
An essay on the important component of weddings and funerals.
The ‘Gifts of God’ for the People of God
An article about reserving the Sacrament in an Anglican church.
Liturgy in the Time of Richard Hooker
An academic paper delivered at a symposium in St. John’s College, Winnipeg, marking the 400th anniversary of the death of Richard Hooker.

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