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A church organist friend of mine takes part in an internet “list-serve” in which organists from around the world trade notes, opinions, and anecdotes about their lives making music in churches. The following item was posted when some contributors began giving anecdotes about weddings that do not start on time...

“My classic story isn’t actually mine.  I was unavailable to play a ‘chapel’ wedding at a Methodist Church some time ago.  That meant: a small wedding in the church chapel with a piano.  I asked one of my wife’s advanced, but teenage, students to play the service.  When the bride’s mother still hadn’t arrived 45 minutes after the service was to begin, they decided to start without her.  When she did arrive she pitched a fit that they had started and ended up in a fistfight with her daughter in the middle of the wedding.  It turns out she was delayed by finishing the decorations at the reception.  Talk about priorities.”