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This part of my webspace provides a simple way for you to catch up on our personal news.  I’m a dreadful correspondent, and often don’t write personal letters for months on end, even to my far-flung family!

There are three components: “Currents” “Oxbows,” and my resumé.

If you don't know me at all, you probably should read the resumé.

Currents,” on the other hand, is a bit of a diary.  You might even say it’s a “blog” (though not a sophisticated one).  When I designed the “Currents,” section, I intended it to be a frequently changing snapshot of current doings, but unfortunately months can go by when I am unable to work on it.  Still, try visiting it now and then.  Something new may well be there.

Former entries in “Currents” have been stored in the section called “Oxbows.”  If you don't know what an “Oxbow” is, you can read a little explanation which is found in that section, and find out.

Incidentally, I got the idea of “Chronicles” from my son, Chris. He's taken down his own website, but the idea lives on!!